Economic Sustainability

To accomplish economic development, while improving the quality of life for current and future generations, is one of the CNRG’s missions in each project.

One of our principles is to efficiently use the monetary resources for promoting economic sustainability. Our experience has demonstrated to us that economic sustainability must be linked to environmental and social sustainability. Therefore, we recognize that the three pillars of sustainability must be developed in conjunction.

CNRG has developed projects where it was able to be productive, while also protecting and preserving the environment, as an integral part of doing business. We believe that investing in the environment and social aspects pays dividends for the client, the local community, and nature. We are fully committed to make a difference in our projects!!

Every project contributes significantly to the local and national economies; therefore, for CNRG it is important to enhance every aspect of the economic sustainability related to the project. We are ready to work with you in developing a profitable and economically viable project. Our 40 years working in Canada and abroad managing different projects with private and public sectors have revealed us that having sustainability at their foundation results in a win-win situation for every stakeholder. We know that designing a plan for accomplishing sustainable development is not a simple task, but in CNRG we have some of the leading experts on natural resources management working with us to ensure that sustainability is a target to be reached in every project.

How do we enhance economic sustainability? By investing in natural, social and human capital.

For CNRG, natural capital is a key player in our projects. Natural capital sustains all forms of life. Therefore, our responsibility is to avoid the depletion and misuse of the supply and quality of natural capital. In addition, we believe that social capital is the basis for having success in projects with local communities. By investing in social relations and its complex set of links, we secure for the client returns in the market. Lastly, but not less important, in CNRG we work for the people and with the people. In our international projects we have been able to collectively join ours and local capabilities necessary to provide solutions for your resource challenges.

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