Resource Inventory and Monitoring

An accurate picture of resources is critical to resource management planning. CNRG International Ltd. has the expertise to design and manage complete inventory programs. At different project scales and across landscapes throughout the world, we can create a team to assist clients with resource inventories and monitoring. Using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) remote sensing, handheld field computers and ground sampling, specialists within our group can provide inventory expertise in vegetation, timber, wildlife, recreation and fish/aquatic habitat.

Review CNRG’s comprehensive list of inventory and monitoring services below.


  • Vegetation resources inventory (VRI)
  • Terrestrial ecosystem mapping (TEM)
  • Predictive ecosystem mapping (PEM)


  • Timber inventory permanent sample plots (PSPs)
  • Timber appraisal


  • Wildlife inventory
  • Wildlife habitat mapping


  • Recreational inventory
  • Visual landscape inventory
  • Visual impact assessment

Fish and Aquatic Habitat

  • Fish habitat sensitivity and environmental impact assessments
  • Lake and stream surveys
  • Riparian management
  • Stream classification
  • Construction planning and engineering for maintaining fish habitats
  • Aquatic and terrestrial habitat inventory

Sustainable Forest Management Criteria and Indicators

International and National initiatives, as well as several certification schemes, require the forecasting and monitoring of sustainable forest management criteria and indicators as a means of tracking implementation progress. CNRG can assist with the development and monitoring of the range of social, economic and environmental indicators.

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