Resource Management Planning and Implementation

Sustainable resource management—planning and carrying out activities so that they support the needs of people today and tomorrow, as well as the environment—requires diligence and the knowledge of all of the resource planning tools available. Our multi-disciplined team provides integrated resource planning expertise for our clients. Planning products can include sustainable resource harvesting plans, resource feasibility studies, wildlife and wildlife habitat planning, silviculture programs, productivity enhancement and strategic planning for timber supply.

CNRG’s resource management planning services include:

  • Sustainable resource harvesting plans
  • Resource feasibility/valuation studies
  • Wetland habitat management
  • Wildlife management
  • Silviculture
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Strategic planning for growth & yield, quantitative silviculture, and inventory program design and management
  • Small scale, community and aboriginal forest management
  • Business development planning

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What We Offer