Resource Management Support

In the 21st century, natural resource management is a complex undertaking, utilizing burgeoning technological advancements in communications, transportation, manufacturing, mapping, and remote sensing, to name a few. It is difficult for any one organization to stay abreast of these advancements and still keep track of the larger picture and emerging opportunities. This is the power of CNRG.

Review CNRG’s comprehensive list of resource management support services below:

Information technology software and systems development

  • Strategic and operational planning for IT
  • Project management infrastructure development
  • Project management decision support tools
  • Project management communications and education
  • Software application development
  • Database development

Mapping and Geomatics

  • Map development and production
  • Digital cartography and spatial data set development
  • Data capture and mono-restitution
  • Thematic mapping
  • Aerial photography and ground sampling
  • Global positioning systems (GPS) applications
  • Remote sensing including image analysis, photogrammetry, satellite imagery, aerial photography, airborne scanner technology
  • Ortho-photo mosaic production
  • Desktop mapping and data loading tool development

Geographic Information Systems

  • Compilation and maintenance of digital resource information
  • GIS spatial and non-spatial analysis
  • GIS mapping and analysis

Research and Scientific Analysis

  • Computer modeling
  • Field research statistical design and data analysis
  • Growth model validation and testing
  • Research trial design, location, establishment, and analysis

Resource Operations Support Systems

  • Inventory data management
  • Project management
  • Remote sensing
  • Education and training
  • Development of environmental learning tools
  • Ecological research VRI training
  • Best management practices
  • Training, planning, and application development in response to client needs
  • Lectures and facilitation

Communications and Marketing

  • Cross media content development (content and technology design and implementation for wireless, broadband, and mass media)
  • Presentation products for public display
  • Public involvement management
  • Community advisory and negotiation consultation
  • Commercialization services

Commercialization services

  • Forest valuation
  • Processing design
  • Mill equipment & support
  • Marketing & market development

Education and Training

  • Need analysis
  • Program design
  • Custom content authoring
  • Content development
  • Traditional and Technology-enhanced delivery
  • Train-the-trainer (peer training & mentoring)
  • Program evaluation

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