Ecotourism Project Study
for Communities in Alto Loa, Chile

Project objective

To conduct a study of community economic development potential based on ecotourism at Toconce, Caspana, Ayquina, Cupo, Chiu Chiu, Lasana and Ollagüe in northern Chile.

Consultant Activities

Firstly, Robin B. Clark conducted a diagnostic study of the areas to identify ecotourism opportunities in the above communities. This project took three months to carry out with the help of an interpreter.

Secondly, after identifying the ecotourism potential, we held a meeting with the project coordinator to discuss how to implement the preliminary conclusions. Finally, we produced a final report describing ecotourism opportunities and a recommended business model to carry out the proposals. This stage required 20 days after another project management meeting, to determine what part of the project would be finalized in Canada.

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Our Experience