We promote the social, environmental and economic sustainability in our projects.

We will pursue projects that improve the sustainability of the area. We will avoid projects that do not respect the environment, human rights or involve risks that offset the potential benefits of the project.

We ensure that our projects place highest priority on health, safety and environmental protection for the benefit of our clients and the surrounded community.

We believe in long-term benefits. Our projects are designed to have benefits beyond the time CNRG is involved. We strongly think that by enduring the project benefits related to health, safety and environment, we will be promoting our common goal: sustainable development.

We inform the client and the community about the project benefits and implications.

We believe in partnerships and open communication for enhancing the viability of the project. We acknowledge our responsibility to properly inform the local community about pro’s and con’s of the project. We encourage the dialogue among different stakeholders. We listen to the community.

We assemble the best team for your project.

We are committed to provide you the best expertise for developing your project. Our members are fully committed to conduct a project under the highest ethical, professional and personal standards.

We provide the best expertise at the optimal cost.

We are professionals that have succeeded in the Integrated Resources Management area in Canada and abroad. We want to assist you not only in the technical aspects of your projects, but also at the optimal cost. We want together share our capacities and build your dreams for a better environment. We want to make a difference!

We do consider ethical and social issues in our projects.

We are sensitive to cultural and religious beliefs. We oppose to intolerance and discrimination against people. Thus, CNRG respects the interests and ideas of the community by promoting respect among different stakeholders.

We adhere to international and national regulations.

Sustainable development is a global target. Therefore, we want that our projects will play a role in sustainability. Thus, we follow all regulations for contributing to this global commitment.

We continue to support the empowerment of minorities.

We strongly believe in the power of education. Our projects always consider educational programs for empowering and building capacities with local communities and minorities group. Thus, together with the local responsible for the project, we will be contributing to enhance and empower indigenous groups, women and children. That is part of our legacy for the future generations.