Mexico National Forest Inventory

Terry Conville and Ralph White of CNRG International Ltd. Atticus obtained a contract for the Supervision and Quality Assurance of Mexico’s National Forest Inventory, for the Comisión Nacional Forestal (CONAFOR) - Mexico’s National Forestry agency.

TERGA Recursos S.A. de C.V. with headquarters in Guadalajara, Mexico, was incorporated to accomplish the 27-month contract which commenced in October 2004 and continued to December 2006. The project required TERGA teams to supervise more than 100 different forest inventory sampling crews throughout the country.

One of the challenges and objectives is to share Canadian technical expertise and tools with Mexican crews/technicians in order to assist in the development and capacity of the Mexican people and to provide methodologies and techniques to the developing Mexican forest sector.

The project required crew training and the supervision and the field verification of approximately 2,200 (10%) of the 22,000 inventory plots which are being systematically established in all vegetation types and topography within Mexico.

The TERGA office continued after the initial contract and its staff (20 people) includes senior Canadian inventory foresters, Mexican botanists and technical specialists, and both regional and local field assistants.

TERGA had six regional supervision (field) teams spread throughout the country and also has corporate managerial and administrative staff located in Guadalajara.

The company also has retained an excellent professional team for taxonomic, legal, and accounting services.

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