Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is a main concern for CNRG. In all our projects, we have included social sustainability as a key element for developing our targets. CNRG has experience working with local communities, indigenous groups, workers and women all over the world. Our focus has been to empower communities around the world. CNRG knows that a community is a complex social net. Within communities we have not only people, but also places where they are attached, social links, history, traditions, religious beliefs and the environment where they belong. For promoting social sustainability, we have not only included, but also respected these important elements.

Our target is to promote communities that are both environmentally and socially sustainable by working with partners in integrating the local communities and their physical, social, cultural and religious needs in every facet of the project.

CNRG has experience in more than 40 countries working with local communities encouraging social sustainability. Our success stories include projects often in partnership with local communities, Governments, industry and First Nations. We have built our projects developing a mutual respect with our clients and with the environment. We are working in projects that make a difference!

In CNRG we know that economic, social and environmental sustainability are important elements in the journey towards sustainable development. We recognize that these elements are compatible and necessary for improving the quality of life of the most valuable resource: the people.

In our projects, we strongly promote social investments for ensuring the development of social and human resources. We are empowering social resources through our successful projects!!

Through 40 years of experience, we have endorsed social sustainability by encouraging our partners to work with common objectives that are sustained in CNRG values for social sustainability.

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