Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a priority for CNRG as we carefully incorporate sustainability aspects in all of CNRG’s decision-making processes related to the environment. CNRG is conscious that environmental sustainability depends on a carefully planning use of natural resources. Our goal is to accomplish environmental sustainability by working with partners in making productive ecosystems while protecting or conserving ecosystems for improving their ecological functions, enhancing biodiversity, reducing impacts of productive activities, and increasing financial returns of productive activities associated to the ecosystem.

In all its projects, CNRG has carefully included all sustainability aspects and its relationships among the physical, ecological, social and economic aspects. Thus, CNRG has successfully delivered projects often in partnership with local communities, Governments industry and First Nations. We have built our projects developing a mutual respect with our clients and with the environment.

Our main concerns are that the cost of environmental degradation is increasingly rising, and exhaustion of natural resources is restraining the development of local communities diminishing its progress for a better quality of life and opportunities for the people. In CNRG, we recognize the dilemma faced by clients in dealing with environmental issues and economic development. Therefore, our experience can contribute to assist you in all aspects of your project for enhancing environmental sustainability.

Environmental issues are inclined to cause detriment in local communities, women, and indigenous peoples. We are committed for devoting our efforts to address the social and economic needs of these groups. We want to make a difference!

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